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31st January 2017 |

Super Bowl: The Power of Dreams With A Massive Marketing and Advertising Budget!

Three appearances at the Super Bowl is something a prestigious list just 15 NFL teams can say they are part and this coming weekend the Atlanta Falcons will play in their second, whilst the New England Patriots continue to cement their place at the top appearing in their ninth with four wins and four losses to their name already.

But one additional name on the team sheet will be able to claim the same honour as of Sunday and that name is…. Honda.

Why? Because they have secured one of the world’s most expensive advertising spots and will showcase the new Honda CR-V during the first break of the second quarter.

To have your advert shown during a Super Bowl “commercial” break demonstrates extremely big cojones where your advertising and marketing budget is concerned. Ok, the eyes of the world are on you but it isn’t really about impact or marketing strategy, it’s about showing off and saying yep, we’re bigger than big time.

The same way you would drive a supercar at 30mph around town five times in a row. You might come under fire by jealous folk about the size of your manhood, but obviously, this isn’t the case for a company that hails from….from Japan. Never mind.

But regardless of what they may or may not be packing under the hood, Honda are the big cheese when it comes to automotive advertising as this is the THIRD time they’ve made it rain with advertising space during the Super Bowl. The first was two decades ago with the unveiling of, well of the CR-V.

And throwing it back to the old school, back to their roots, Honda have come up with a cool ad showcasing a yearbook style look back at some pretty high-profile celebrities compiled of vintage photographs, 3D scans, and footage from visual-effects.

Amongst those included are Steve Carell, Amy Adams, Viola Davis, Missy Elliott, Tina Fey, Magic Johnson, Jimmy Kimmel, Stan Lee, and Robert Redford and of course the CR-V.

The whole idea is that “The Power of Dreams” a tagline Honda have used for some time now, really is achievable. Showing these big names before the magic stardust whisked them off to celebrity land.

Probably not worth staying up till 3 am for if you don’t like American Football, but you can watch it below anyway so don’t worry.

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