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24th January 2017 |

Clamp Down on Speeding: What you need to know

Running a car can be expensive enough as it is, which is why at Walton Bridge Garage we strive to offer unbeatable value when it comes to the maintenance of your motor.

But one area we can’t reduce costs in is speeding fines and today it has been announced that drivers caught flaunting the rules of the road where speed is concerned, will be in line for a lot tougher punishments.

As of April this year, anyone convicted of “the most severe” of speeding violations will be fined 150% of their weekly income, up from the current level of 100% as it stands now.

The changes come as part of a shake-up that have seen TV license violations relaxed slightly, whilst animal cruelty, railway fare evasion and skipping school have also had their guidelines updated.

Now we are all guilty of exceeding the speed limit slightly now and again but for these new penalties to apply you have to be really taking the mick.

Anyone caught travelling at 101mph or more on a motorway, or over 50mph in a 30mph zone will be getting clamped right down on. The Sentencing Council have introduced these changes to ensure that “as the seriousness of an offence increases, so does the penalty.”

But what does this equate to for the average joe? Based on the current average UK salary, we make £406.32 a week. That means for anyone penalised under these new rules, they could be in line for a fine of £609.48.

Not to mention the very real possibility you will also lose your license.

But for those thinking you won’t be speeding by that much so it’s ok, you will still be charged £100 fine and 3 points on your license as is the norm now.

Take the monetary loss away and you still have the danger of killing someone when speeding. So next time you’re putting your foot down, think about it, then don’t.

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