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20th May 2016 |

What does a Japanese Ferrari look like?

At Walton Bridge Garage we’re not lucky enough to have a Ferrari laying around, let alone one we’d pour money into in order to make it even more aesthetically pleasing.

But if you did and wanted to update the “dated, boring”, lines of your Italian Stallion’s body work, you now have the option.

Japan is home to the weird and whacky pretty much across the board, not just when it comes to their motors. But there is no denying they are car crazy, albeit a variation of what we in the West consider cool about cars.

So you’re forgiven if this latest Japanese offering isn’t quite to the taste of your “unadventurous” western pallet. Liberty Walk, a Japanese (obviously) bunch make it their mission to catch the eye of the motoring enthusiast, with their outrageous modification kits.

Liberty Walk Ferrari 360 Modena bodykit render

They’ve introduced a stylish new summer range of body upgrades for the Ferrari 360 and F430 models which along with the added aerodynamic benefits, will certainly have you standing out from the crowd at any Ferrari convention in the world.

The kits bolt on easily enough and come as either a fibreglass kit for the Ferrari about town, or carbon fibre for the Ferrari about town, that likes to pretend it’s on a race track.

The fibreglass kit, including front and back bumpers as well as side skirts, will set you back just under £12,500. Not a great ask considering a used Modena still sells for upward of £70k.

But if you really want to stand out with the carbon-fibre option, you will need to stump up another £2.5k, or £18,200 in total for the additional oversized carbon wing. If after all that you still have a bit of spare change lying around, the cherry on the cake is an air suspension kit by American manufacturer AirREX, a bargain at just £5,500.

If a Ferrari is a little out of your price range, they can hook up your BMW as well.

Image Credit: Liberty Walk

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