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22nd April 2015 |

The Shanghai Motor Show – Our Top Six Takeaway Dishes From This Year’s Event


Yesterday was the last of the two day event at the China Expo Complex and the Shanghai Motor Show has certainly provided some interesting spectacles for the motoring world to ponder.

Shanghai is now able to legitimately claim the title of world’s largest car show, with the new venue dwarfing any competition with ease. It offered an exciting mix of classic staples from McLaren, VW and other well-known names, along with a rather strange mix of Chinese knock-offs, giving us a lot to talk about.

But as every other motoring blog in the world is currently doing so, we thought we would liken our favourite Walton Bridge Garage Chinese takeaway dishes, to the cars they best represent instead.

1. The Spring Roll: G. Patton SUV



The spring roll is one of those added extras you always stick on the order. It doesn’t cost much and when your tummy is grumbling you think, yeaaah, I’ll be able to eat one on top of the eight different dishes I have coming. Then the food turns up and the half way through the substantially potent mix of crispy pastry, every Chinese route veg under the sun and an equal variety of meat, you feel as if you’ve just been hit by, well by an SUV.

For that reason, number one on our order is the G. Patton SUV.

13. Chicken Balls: Foton Tunland


But some of us just don’t know when to stop, especially when it comes to eating takeaway, so naively made the choice of sticking chicken balls on the order as well. If the spring roll wasn’t enough deep fat fried pastry for you, the chicken balls definitely will be. After battling your way through two of those bad boys, you’re lucky not to have a cardiac arrest, let alone be able to keep eating.

That’s why the second item on our takeaway list is the Foton Tunland. A monster motor for a monster “appetiser”.

52. BBQ Spare Ribs: McLaren 540C

McLaren 540C

Did they originate in China, did they originate in the West? Who knows? What we do know is that there isn’t a person alive that doesn’t like ribs (apart from veggies of course). They’re the cool dish, a bit fancy, meaty, saucy, and delicious. You could munch through rack after rack but they aren’t heavy, or stodgy, just good.

That’s why our third meal item off the menu is the McLaren 540C. It’s not as lively as its bigger brother the 570S, but it is still packing a 533bhp twin-turbo V8 and brings McLaren back down towards the more “mainstream” sports car category.

 7. Special Fried Rice: The Porsche 911 Style Addition


Ok rice can be a pretty standard addition to any meal not just a Chinese, but it is an essential addition none the less. The Porsche 911 Style Addition isn’t exactly a head turner, or something drastically different from any other 911 if were honest. But it is still a looker and can still shift, hence why it made the cut of special fried rice, not just the bog standard egg fried.

36. Chicken Satay: Lamborghini Aventador SV


 It wouldn’t be a Chinese takeaway without some satay. The same way it wouldn’t be a motor show without a Lambo. Although it did make an appearance in Geneva, that just reinforces our previous point. With 740 BHP, a V12 and of course the usual Lamborghini style, this car is nutty to say the least. That’s why it makes the order as our fifth addition to our Walton Bridge Garage take way.

52. Aromatic Duck: Lykan Hypersport


 Probably the most expensive thing on the menu and arguably one of the tastiest, it doesn’t matter if you get a quarter, half or whole duck, it’s well worth the money. Fitting then that we have chosen the third most expensive car EVER made, to fill the role of our last dish. This limited production sports car by W Motors, a Lebanese based company, is the first of its kind to be produced in the Middle East.

Featuring in the latest Fast and the Furious film, it is powered by a twin turbo, flat-six, 3.7 litre engine and is claimed to have a top speed of 239 mph. It takes under three seconds to hit 62mph and is without a doubt our favourite of all the weird and wonderful things Shanghai had to offer.

We’re not a greedy bunch at Walton Bridge Garage and a few of us could do with dropping a pound or two, so I think we’ll leave it there for the time being.

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