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12th April 2015 |

Jurassic Park – The End of Clarkson? 20/03/15

The last week or so has seen headlines almost dominated by the news that Jeremy Clarkson has been suspended by the BBC, due to a roll about with a Top Gear producer. The alleged scuffle was a result of Clarkson losing his rag at the lack of food organised at the end of a shoot, so hungry he swung for the poor guy in question.

With last night’s Top Gear cancelled and much speculation around Clarkson’s future could this be the end of the road for the triumphant trio, whose tenure since the shows revival in 2002, has seen Top Gear become the most successful BBC export around the globe.

Clarkson took to his weekly column to share his side of the story and the news that he was close to quitting the show regardless of the verdict from the BBC, describing himself as a “dinosaur” and that there was no place for him in this modern world. He will no doubt worry the 350,000+ people that signed an online petition to bring Jeremy back from his BBC exile, although admittedly there will be many glad to see the back of him.

If he was to walk it would certainly leave the format and even future of Top Gear in question. Clarkson, Captain Slow and the Hamster have become synonymous with the show and it is hard to imagine the two of them going ahead without Jeremy and his gung ho antics. His destructive, high speed nature brings a Ying to the otherwise more sensible Yang of his co presenters and any attempt at replacing him could only mess with this balance.

After all there would be no Musketeers had Aramis left Athos and Porthos to fend for themselves, we would be stooge-less had Curly left Larry and Mo as a double act and had Mario and Luigi not had Bowser to fight against, the Mario franchise would have been very short lived.

Clarkson may feel like a dinosaur but if the revival of the Jurassic Park franchise this coming June has taught us anything, it’s that we like watching prehistoric, destructive, brutish creatures on our TV screens. Yes he may be a controversial figure, but this is more or less the first time his persona has manifested itself in such an ugly way in the public domain. If this scuffle with a producer is the moment the T-Rex escaped, surely Clarkson has three more sequels left in him at least, before being left dormant in a museum for all to ogle?

If we were to, and being an automotive based blog we probably should, liken Clarkson to other classics discontinued before their time were up, it would be the Porsche 968 and 928. The last of Porsche’s front engine cars, both were discontinued in 1995.

Like Clarkson they didn’t have the encompassing appeal of a 911 but have certainly cemented their place in the hearts of car enthusiasts. Their combination of speed, practicality and low production numbers have made them extremely sought after today and one in good condition can fetch upwards of £200k. They were also the last Porsches to be sold with four cylinder engines and with their discontinuation, ended a little piece of Porsche history.

It wasn’t until 2010 that Porsche released a new front engine sedan, the Panemera, and there has been talk of a successor to the 928. Whatever the case, 15 years and counting will be far too long to wait for a new winning Top Gear formula. So let’s hope Jeremy and his colleagues at the BBC can come to some agreement. Not for Clarkson’s sake, but for the sake of the many that tune in every Sunday evening for their fix of everything motoring.

Porsche two

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