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6th January 2014 |

Driving through floods

With the bad weather were having at the moment with many areas prone to flooding. A problem that is thought to increase with the onset of global warming. In the case of flooding it is very important to watch the weather report before you start your journey. If the flooding is severe only make trips that are absolutely necessary.
Floods can occur when rivers burst their banks, in flood affected areas consider moving your car to higher ground.

Flash flooding is caused by heavy rainfall where huge volumes of water can cause too much strain on sewers and drains resulting in nowhere for the water to drain.

Driving thought a flooded section of road can be extremely dangerous it is important that you drive through the middle where the water is at its shallowest point. However, it takes is just over 6 inches of water to cause stalling and/or loss of complete control over the vehicle. Aquaplaning or hydroplaning by your vehicle tires occurs when there is a layer of water present between your wheels and the surface of the road. This causes a loss of traction that prevents the vehicle from responding to control inputs. If this occurs on all wheels at the same time the vehicle becomes uncontrollable.

If you do find yourself stalled due to high water level it is possible that water could be sucked back through the exhaust into the cylinders and can cause huge amounts of damage. Also avoid changing gear in deep water to prevent this from happening.

Please stay safe during this period.


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