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Want to drive a new dream car every day for free? Here’s how

Imagine waking up on Monday and deciding today you want to drive an Aston Martin DB5.


Then the next day you fancy something a bit quicker and opt for the McLaren P1.

Wednesday’s you want an engine so loud that you can’t hear your Mrs moaning over it, so you drag the 69 Camaro SS out of the garage.

You must be living in a Playboy-esque mansion sleeping on a pile of money right? Wrong. Because if you were there would be no need for the Camaro on Wednesday for a start.


But this sort of super, classic, muscle car combo could be a reality and for a lot less than you think. There is one catch, you don’t have to be in a dreamland, but you do have to be on a film set, in a music video or on a TV show.

This is the Blackbird.


The latest offering from special effects professionals The Mill.

It might look ugly, but under the plethora of sensors, matt paint and cameras lies the latest in pioneering movie tech that allows producers to feature any car, from any time period, at any price within their production.

The tech allows you to render any car you desire in stunning HD realism, without the real deal ever setting foot, or tyre, on your set.


The electric motor can adjust its wheelbase and track to imitate the driving characteristic of any car ever made. All you need is the wheels and the computer will do its thing to such an advanced standard, that the paint will reflect the real life surroundings.

The benefits are endless within the media-sphere. Take the Fast and Furious franchise for example.

Film after film the Civic, S2000, Skyline and so on, were recycled to cut costs but add at least a slight aspect of variety to the films with different paint jobs and features. Imagine the endless street racing possibilities a Blackbird would have offered, as well as the time and cost saved on those garish paint jobs.

Then look beyond the face of the film and consider the other complications and multiple insurance policies required to have a car on set and jumping through a train, which would have been a fair site more complicated then logging onto Go Compare.

There is also the issue of sourcing these potentially rare cars in the first place. The rigmarole of finding a £7m+ Ferrari 250 GT Spyder convertible could drag on for months, maybe longer. Forget that and get a Blackbird in, job done.


The one draw-back is that the model makers of the automotive world could soon become obsolete. Rather than producing inch perfect models of new designs, the Blackbird can replicate them in almost real life, based on nothing but computer data.

At Walton Bridge Garage we’re excited about the future prospects this could bring!

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